We just heard about the new paper-thin Crack Light by the guys over at Blind Spot Gear, which just launched on Kickstarter.

Flexible LEDs are not new, in fact, over the past several years they have become a staple of all types of productions from huge blockbusters to micro-budget indies.

The benefit of flexible LED panels is their low-profile and light weight form factor that allows you to place them nearly anywhere. Plus, with the
Crack Light‘s additional tricks up its sleeve, it can even be submerged in water.

These little lights are thinner than a credit card and powered via USB, which means power options are plenty. You can power this thing via your cell phone, a portable charger, your computer, or any other device that has USB out or can be adapted to USB out.

Plus, for a few bucks on Amazon, you can buy a USB extender cable to dramatically lengthen the distance between the power source and the light fixture itself.

An add-on to the Crack Light that makes it so unique is an inline dimmer that dims from 100% to 3%. This feature alone sets it apart from competitors such as the Aputure Amaran M9, but the features don’t stop there. The Crack Light is also lighter, brighter, and comes at you with a higher color rendition.

As for mounting, the options are only limited by your imagination. But check out the video to see what they’ve come up with:

Pricing for the Crack Light starts at just under $40 for the light panel alone and $75 for the light and dimmer bundle.

Check it out here: Crack Light on Kickstarter